Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chapel with Rick Alonzo =D

So, chapel this morning was ridiculous! I went in there not even wanting to be there considering I have about two chapels left. I didn't even need it but I thought to myself I do need it for my own good. Chapel isn't something I consider a burden I consider it a blessing and actually enjoy them, they don't harm me they only do good for me even though at times I can't see it. Walking in with a poop attitude I sat there with my friend Cristal playing on my mac showing her how it worked before chapel started. Then this "little" man walks on stage and starts sharing his story, he had an accent and didn't speak that great of English but I liked that about him it showed that it doesn't matter where you are from or how you speak you can share the Gospel! He said he was going to paint to a picture for us and explain what it meant later. While he was painting in the dark gym I started to lose interest. He was finger painting with neon colors but no one could tell what he was painting, it was, I have to admit an ugly painting. Until, he flipped it around and it was a huge picture of Jesus. I was in such awe that it literaly took my breath away! It took everyones breath away! How could something so ugly be flipped around and become such a beautiful painting of Jesus? Cris and I looked at eachother and almost started crying. He went on to explain that Jesus called him to paint that picture when he realized he needed to "flip" his life around. The painting is symbolic because he was living life as a "religious man" but not as a follower of Christ, so the painting was painted upside and flipped to show how Jesus flipped his life around. He went on to paint three others, one with planets and Jesus looking down on the planets because he the commander of the whole universe! Next, he painted a sideview of Jesus in bright orange and green and blue and he painted this one mainly with his feet, CRAZY! Lastly, he painted Jesus hanging on the cross, then he splattered red paint all over his body to show he bore all our sins becuase he loved us that much! When Rick was painting that last portrait I couldn't help but get teary eyed, I saw that painting and thought WOW he bore it all, ALL, just for me, just for me to be a screw up and not live for him. I thought I don't deserve his LOVE and kindness and comfort one bit. I just couldn't believe what a vivid image I got of him on that cross broken hearted because everyone had betrayed him but yet the LOVE he still had for us ALL! I was so broken during this chapel and thought I need to stop worrying about such little things and consume my thoughts only on Him! I know it seems impossible to only think about God, but I can assure anyone of this I am going to strive everyday to be Christ-like in every action I make. I've wasted so much time putting others down just to bring myself up, when in reality it only feels good because im lying to myself. I need to LOVE, I know I have grown in this area a lot but it will never be good enough until I can completely let go of everything and PRESS ON not look behind but PRESS ON towards the goal which is JESUS! Please, anyone that reads this keep me accountable for these words I write because sometimes I can lose sight of the image I want to live so easily. This world is sooo distracting and evil that I get sucked in so easily. I'm sick of living this life for anyone else but God, it's not what I am about or ever want to be again! I know this was probably hard to understand because I am a horrible writer but I wanted to share with everyone this experience that I wish everyone could have experienced.

"So I strive always to keep my conscience clear before God and man." Acts 24:6

Here are a few pictures I took on my phone during chapel but as you can see they didn't turn out too good but I tried and hopefully ya'll can get a little taste of what I saw. Enjoy...


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