Sunday, March 16, 2008


Worst day ever....

God I know you are bigger than anything on this Earth!!! Please just re-assure me of this right now especially, I know I can't go through this alone! I need YOU more then anything!!! Please make me strong through everything I rest in You and You alone! You are my God for eternity, all the earthy things will be gone and heaven is better then anything given here! I LOVE YOU and know You love me that is all I need to survive! Thank You for this suffering I go through because it is all for You and makes me closer to You! Everyday that passes is another day closer to You, now let me rest in the comfort of YOU!!!! AMEN!!


  1. I need to leave this comment because YOU (just following suit) all need to understand what a good girl she is.

    First, anyone that is in effect stalking her, reading her thoughts then counter-pointing them anonymously has some major issues of their own.

    I'm only commenting in return because I am deeply hurt that someone would crush another's (specifically one of MY others) world after they have written so many personal thoughts. Shelby is truly doing this because it is cathartic...not so that YOU (whoever you are) can bash her and make her feel like crap.
    She's specifically been anonymous in what she's written but you've included names and the like to crush her even more.

    If you have known what she's gone through in the past few years you might be a little more kind and keep your thoughts to yourself - or your own vaguely written blog.

    Shelby is coming around to what will someday shape who she is. At this age it is all about reflection and molding the future. Shelby is introspective and brave to display it for herself to re-read in the years to come, and; she may be a little stupid to write it somewhere people who have no decency will attempt to ravage the self-esteem she has clearly began to cultivate.

    Really – I’m sad to see that Shelby’s efforts at growing and coming into her own are being thwarted by someone who says they are exactly where she was a few years ago. If that’s the case than maybe you could be more empathetic and shy away from the public humiliation. Maybe a personal message would have been more appropriate.

  2. im glad to see somebody stuck up for you :)
    i hope things are going bettern

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