Sunday, May 11, 2008


HI GUYS!!!!!! Ok first I want to say I made it safely, and jet lag wasnt too bad! I still am getting tired at random times but I am toughing it out! We had an 8 hour lay over in Germany so we got to go out and see Frankfurt for a while it was really cool! I am a quarter German so I got to see a little of my "home" haha. We got to Amman, Jordan at about 2:00am and our friend came to get us after we went through customs and all that crazy stuff it was about 3:30am and we were all soooo tired! Instantly I felt as if I was in a different country because of the language and look. It was dirty and dark feeling in the airport and people were trying to carry our bags for us and followed us out to the car and grabbed our stuff. They were trying to help but really all they want is a tip. It was a little strange and scary at first but now I am honestly used to the staring and looks. Our apt. or flat is what they call it is crazy. It is huge! Although, there is no hot water and we can't flush toilet paper down the toilet, it is pretty amazing! So do to that I have only taken one shower and am darn proud of it! Those that know me know that I can't go longer then two days with out shaving so I have been shaving with a bucket of water. Ha ha, I don't mess around! I enjoy it though. I can survive on this one-hundred percent. I think it shows how strong you can be when you don't even know it and how much we take what we have for granted, when in reality we don't need all the things we have, we just are used to being pampered. Alright, so I am going to go straight for the amazing things that have already happened on the trip! The first day we got to eat Yemen food and let me tell ya the food is excellent!!!! Later that night we got to eat Jordanian food which was even better! I love hummus and pita bread and that is everywhere in the Jordan! YUM YUM YUM!!! So I could go and on about how lovely there food is here but I think I might make you all a little jealous so we won't do that just yet ha ha. Yesterday, Saturday was our first tourist day. We are doing all the tourist stuff in the beginning of the trip for a reason. We went to the Jordan River and the Dead Sea yesterday. It honestly the most amazing day of my life! Let me tell you why, first I got baptized in the Jordan River, yes I did! I was the only one in the whole group that was allowed to go in the water and get baptized in the same place Jesus did. It was the most incredible feeling. Words can't even describe what it felt like! I made an outward expression from an inward decision and there was no better way to do it other then in the Jordan River, right? I thought so too. We toured around the place and got some awesome pictures and the team got a bunch of videos of me getting baptized too. There were different people there from all over the world coming up to me saying congratulations in different languages and shaking my hand it was neat! I was soaking wet so I couldn't go in the church at the Jordan River but I got to look inside at least and it was beautiful. After that we headed to the Dead Sea. Here are some random facts by Robert (a guy we met from Geogia) the Dead Sea is 20x saltier then the Ocean. The Dead Sea loses about an inch of its water every year and it is said that in 50 years the Dead Sea will be no longer there. Crazy hu? Robert knows just about everything about anything, trust me. We got to the Dead Sea and Kelsey, Guy and I ran in because we were so excited! It stung a little but we got right in and it's true, YOU FLOAT!!! It was sooooooooo cool! I didn't want to get out ever! Kels and I couldnt touch the floor but we were just sitting there bobbing and floating away. It is fun to play in it until you get the water in your eye, it stings horribly! Kels got in her eye and then decided to get some in mine and we were running around screaming! It was funny though. There is this special mud in the Dead Sea that is really good for your skin so Kels, Guy and I swam over there and it was under this salt rock. We put it all over our skin and face and looked black but it felt really good on our skin! Our whole team met up with us out there and we were all in the mud. It was one of the coolest experiences ever! There is so much more to say about this but you all have to wait until I get home. I have tons of pictures to show you all and I can't wait. I want to tell you all that is happening in Jordan beyond this but that will have to wait until I get home once again. Please just keep me in your "thoughts", rest assurred things are happening here! That's all I can say, I love you all and will update you soon hopefully! BOWSA thanx for my presents in my bag!!!! =) It was certainly a sweet suprise! XOXO!!!


  1. Sounds like your trip is going great so far. How amazing to be baptized in the Jordon River!!! Shelby, I need & want to apologize to both you & your friends for saying anything to you or about you that was hurtful or incorrect. I was mislead & realize now that it was easier to blame you, (I'm sorry). I hope you have a safe trip home & thank you again. Things are going well here.
    Alyssa Marie

  2. I forgot to add in the comment I left you on facebook thatI was sorry too. Haha, geez I sound mean I am all ya thanks thanks alyssa thats right, lol, but I am sorry again also! Thank you so mcuh for caring a lot more then others have! I hope when I get back I can share more with you about the trip. =)