Saturday, May 17, 2008

UPDATE #2! =)

First of all, I just want to say I love you guys! All my friends that have been keeping up with me out here. It means more then you know! I am starting to get a little homesick because I have never been away from my friends or family this long. It is a good thing though! We are learning Arabic and it's going pretty good. Im excited to practice it with you when I get home, it is very very hard though! I love the people out here, it is sooo different but beautiful the way the people carry themseves! The women carry themselves in a whole lot different way then the women carry themselves in America. That has definitely been the biggest struggle for me, learning to hush up and not even look at men or they will think the wrong idea. Trust me they stare and stare and yell at you, but you have to ignore or they will be "naughty". Therehave been a couple very uncomfortable times for me and Kels because we are blonde, but luckily we have got some great guys with us. I am naturally a loud person so it is hard at times, but I know now that I can be the submissive, quiet women that I never thought I could be. It is interesting to see the culture here and how radically different it is from being home. I can't tell ya'll enough how much I love it here! I havent had major culture shock at all, I feel the same, just miss everyone that's all. I really can't go into detail about anything else. I wish I could but all I can do is share about myself really. Just know we are making MANY friends and learning each day. It is simply amazing over here, I hope one day everyone can experience it.

So, I went to Petra on Monday!!!!! Let me just say AMAZING!!! 3 mile walk in down hill and 3 mile walk out up hill, CRAZY! Luckily I was okay and wasn't to out of breath. Me and Kels rode camels!!!!!! We rode them for a good 10 minutes and took some neato pictures, my butt hurt afterwards though. It was super strange but super fun!!! There are zillions of places around Petra we saw a couple of tombs and climbed and hiked all over and went into caves and such! It was incredible to see the beautiful rock carved into a city! I can't wait to show you all the pictures! =)

Here's an update on my cleanliness. I have showered now a total of 3 times. Yippee! It is sooo dusty so everytime I shower dirt runs out of my hair, it is nasty but funny. I went a total of 3 days without shaving my legs, I KNOW CRAZY!! It was rough but I did it! Oh, and another thing our (the girls) water has been turned off for 3 days now. Haha, so it has been quite diffucult to brush our teeth, wash our face, shave my legs, haha, flush the toilet, wash our clothes and so on and so on. We have been hanging in there though, that is what it's all about. We are all being stretched and are doing great! The food once again, amazing! When I leave I know I will be very sad about leaving that.

Other then that I think everything is going great. People have been sick beyond belief on our team, and Guy had a rootcanal here in Jordan. There have been a few injuries but all in all we are handling everything moomtas (perfect in Arabic)! Well folks that's all she wrote, I am sorry once again I can't write more details about other things, but once again keep us all in your "thoughts" please we need it!!! A good note we are all getting along as a team perfectly! We have had no major conflict and all mesh so great! We all laugh and smile and work great together! =)

Alrighty dooders I am off to get lunch, it is 12:30 here which means it is 2:30am there. I love you all again!!!! SEE YOU SOON!!!! =)

9 days....


  1. Shelby Jean!!! I am so proud of you! I am glad you guys are doing amazing out there! He is definitely working thru you guys and that is incredible! I just wanted to say I love you! and am thinking about you like crazy.... I will keep reading your blogs!!! Have a good time missy!

    PS: "I think we're alone now!"

  2. Jensen!!! First off i love and miss you terribly (i keep seeing your car around and get all excited thinking its you but then come back to reality and remember you are an ocean away) Secondly, I feel like a horrible horrible friend becuase I just discovered you posted these blogs (I'm glad you're alive and well, I was starting to become a nervous reck) Third. I am sooooo happy to hear these stories and how great of an experience you are having! I am so incredibly proud of you for toughing it out and learning Arabic. AmAzIng! My gma Brisco and I talked about you tonight and she said she would love to hear stories when you get back and is sorry she didn't get you money before you left. We'll go visit her when you get back. Oh and what else are we gonna do when you get back?!?! See Johnny boy!!!!! Be ready baby. Love love love and miss you. You in my prayers... always =)

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  4. I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!!!! Lindy thank you for being an awesome new friend adn having me back! and well brisco thank you fro being my friend for what 5-6 years now? oh man we have been through it all i wihs you both could be out and see what I see, it is amzing I cant capture it all in a picture but I am trying! I LOVE YOU BOTH!!! and yes JOHN MAYER better be ready for us I CANT WAIT!!!!!!! =)