Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dima and Sahar...

Kelsey, Tamara, Sahar, Sarah, Dima and I with our best friend bracelets on. We all got matching bracelets before Kels and I left.

Our last day with the girls, so sad to leave!

The bracelets!!

Me, Dima and Sarah (Dima's little sister) eating at the yummiest place in Jordan called Jerusalem!

Sahar, Kels me and Dima all had the same glasses so we had to take a picture!

Us trying to take a picture downtown but we were all laughing!

Kels, Peter, Dima, Sarah, Sahar and I had to take a picture with Peter because he had our matching glasses too! We met him randomly walking downtown and he heard me talk and stopped me and asked where I was from turns out he is from D.C., pretty cool!

As most of you know I took an amazing journey to Jordan, the Middle East this past May and had the experience of a lifetime! Today I woke up and was actually down in the dumps because I missed Jordan so much and my friends out there. I got on facebook and checked my page and had two picture comments from Dima and Sahar, two girls I had met in Jordan and became very close too, I got so excited to hear from them! About two minutes passes and Dima messages me through facebook, then Sahar did and I was glowing with happiness! I was talking to both of my friends in Jordan that I had been so upset about and missing! God works in the craziest ways, He knew just hearing from them would make my heart at ease and feel at peace! I talked to them for about an hour each and let me tell you it was a great talk! I heard all about Dima's graduation party and how much fun they had, they told me how much they wished I was there and all the girls missed me sooo much, which was so nice to hear because I miss them! I went on to ask them about Islam and got to learn a little bit more about that and it's always great to learn more about other religions and cultures. I also got to bring up my faith and I found out Dima has actually read some of the Bible and has a lot of Christian friends which is amazing to know! I know I just got to keep praying that God will give me the right words to speak LOVE to them because I care for them and love them so much! I am so excited right now I could scream, haha! I know I should never doubt God and what he has planned for me or those girls. I know I will continue to doubt through out my life but it's time like these that God shows himself so clearly how can I not believe??

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  1. Yeah!!! I'm so excited you got to talk to them again! What a blessing! God is amazing and His timing is good. Psalm 46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God;I will be exalted among the nations,I will be exalted in the earth." Sometimes all it takes is patience and the stillness to hear God. I love you girlie and I'm praying for you!