Thursday, November 6, 2008


There has been a lot going on these past few weeks, but with the election finally over I feel I can finally rest. It was my first year being able to vote so I was excited. I am happy to say we officially made history November 4th, 2008, electing our first African American  president, Barack Obama. I don't necessarily agree with his beliefs but I respect him and think our Country has come so far, I pray he will take us to a whole new level. I am very, very proud to say I am an American and always have been. One thing I have to admit is I did vote for McCain and was sad to hear he admitted his defeat to Obama before all the polls came in. I listened to both Obamas and McCains speech and was extremely pleased with them. I thought McCain handled the defeat wonderfully and respected Obama as our new president, which is what he should have done. Now, Obamas speech just verified how amazing of a speaker he is and how America is ready for change. Considering CHANGE is what he has stood for all along. Seeing his family mixed with Biden's family on the stage after his speech gave me the chills. I am rooting for our Nation and the change that has been promised, although with him being our first African American president is change enough for me to be satisfied. 

P.s. You have to admit he is handsome too.

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