Saturday, December 13, 2008


So I have just recently moved to L.A., Santa Monica exactly and I am completely in love. I knew I was before I moved out here but I thought I wouldn't be able too for a loooong time. I am here because of my sister and let me tell you she's been the biggest blessing once again in my entire life. She is truly incredible in every way, shape and form. 

Sorry, sorry getting sidetracked in all the wonderful people I have been blessed with. The point of this blog is to hopefully maybe get across to some people...? In Santa Monica I maybe use my car once a week, most times less. I walk everywhere, or I go on my daily run down to the beach and it's so cool, it's like a mini New York. But with that being said, there are homeless people everywhere! I walk and there is at least one every block (there was even one that yelled at me every day and even spit on me, haha, great story). I have come to the point where I just have gotten used to it until today.  While I was walking around 3rd street promenade there was a particular man that I couldn't just pass. I stood there waiting for the light to say "walk" and I saw him and started to tear up as he ate the only food he had in his hands as if he hadn't eaten in years. The reason it killed me was because he looked so clean, so "fatherly" and just someone that got the short end of the stick. I went up to him while he was eating and asked him if I could help. I don't need to tell you "what I did" because it is not important my point is that we caught on to a very nice conversation and I realized there is sooo much more to people that live on the streets. He didn't seem crazy, drugged or smell like alcohol. I really believe he was telling me the truth when he told me his story. I sat there holding back tears thinking this Christmas I am not going to be with my family because of certain reasons and I think, what is he doing? I sit and complain about nothing when in reality I have everything! Now, what I am asking everyone and anyone that reads this blog to do is to instead of every month spending 20 bucks on yourself give it to an orphanage, feed a homeless person, or something else of that sort which is soooo easy, trust me, I know, so there are no excuses! Or even instead of spending tons of money on people this Christmas split it in half and give the other half to people that really could use it. Also, if you don't have money volunteer somewhere to play with kids with special needs or orphans, they need your love a lot more then your friends do. I don't know just a thought but I feel if everyone did that, the world could quite possibly be such a better place.

Spread the LOVE guys and give it out as freely as you give money for clothes or Starbucks. Open your heart this Christmas and give just a little. It's the best gift you can give to someone and yourself.


  1. so true shelbs!
    that is cool too that you actually had a coversation with a bum. Very rarely do i or others i assume think about who is the person behind the bum, what happened in their lives that got them to where they are at, and what do they have to offer the world. Could make a cool documentary or something. Or book maybe.
    when i return home ill have to check out your new pad

  2. So true! I love your heart Shelby! It's in the right place...Keep it up! Praying for ya...Love ya...and Miss ya!